Wednesday, April 26, 2017

We Are Moving!

(May-August, 2017)

Academic and Career Coaching Office:  Cedar Hall 2nd Floor
(Beginning May 3 – appointments will be held in new location)

Robert A. Niblock Student Center for Professional Development:  Cedar Hall 3rd Floor
(Beginning May 1 – appointments will be held in new location)

Thank you for your cooperation as we undergo renovations. Students with ADA requirements please contact the respective offices for accommodation.

Monday, April 24, 2017

What to do if you Fail a Business Course

Belk College of Business students must complete all business courses with a minimum grade of "C" within two attempts.

Did you fail your first attempt?

  • If you earn a "D" in a business course, you will need to retake it for a better grade. You need to fill out a Repeat Authorization Form and turn it into the BCOB Undergraduate Academic and Career Coaching Office. After it is processed, you will be notified and can sign up for the course for a second attempt.

  • If you earn an "F" in a business course, you can sign up for the course for a second attempt with no additional action.

Are you interested in using one of your two Grade Replacements when you repeat the course?

  • See our previous post about how to use a Grade Replacement HERE.

Did you fail your second attempt?

  • You will not be able to pursue a business major that requires that course. Meet with your Academic and Career Coach to discuss your options.

Tips for Finalizing your Fall Schedule

What if you didn't get your ideal spring schedule during registration week? Here are a few strategies to utilize between now and the Add/Drop deadline for fall on August 28th:

  1. Get on a waitlistThis shows us your intent to register for the course and will help us assess the need. If no spots are available on the waitlist, please continue to check the registration system for openings in sections and waitlists.
  2. Do you think you'll need to repeat something? Get authorized to enroll for a second attempt.
  3. Ready to declareAll grades must be posted from Spring 2017 before applying for an upper-level major. 
  4. Can't get into a course you need? Sign up for some non-business electives just in case.
    • Non-business electives include all courses offered by departments outside the Belk College of Business.
Don't forget, you can always meet with your Academic Career Coach to review your schedule! Make an appointment on Starfish and be sure to come prepared with questions and to talk about your career goals!

Monday, April 17, 2017

IMPORTANT Academic and Career Coaching Office Announcement

Beginning on Monday, April 17th the Belk College of Business Academic & Career Coaching Office will be again offering scheduled appointments. Please review the information below about the differences between scheduled appointments and walk-in advising.

Need to meet with your Academic and Career Coach but aren't sure if you need to make an appointment?

The Belk College of Business Center for Academic and Career Coaching offers THREE types of appointments to meet your needs:

    An appointment with an Academic and Career Coach

    • 30-minute appointments with an Academic and Career Coach to discuss any kind of question, including, but not limited to:
      • Graduation plans or checks
      • Long-term scheduling recommendations
      • Major/minor exploratory conversations
      • Career exploratory conversations
      • Career planning
      • Career readiness
      • Planning for study abroad
    • Coaches offer a variety of appointment times each week on Starfish.

    Walk-In Advising

    • Quick meeting with an Academic and Career Coach for 10 minutes or less about:
      • Clarification on forms & policies
      • Quick-reference information
      • Declaring a major/concentration/minor
      • Brief questions about scheduling and curriculum requirements
    • Any other questions REQUIRE a full-appointment and you will be turned away.
    • Hours are posted weekly on the website.

    Meetings with Peer Advisors

    Need Advising help but can’t find a time to meet with an Advisor? Peer Advisors are Belk College of Business juniors and seniors employed by the Academic and Career Coaching Center to assist Pre-Business Majors with their academic requirements.  Their office is located across from the Coaching Center in Room 387 lab.  If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with a Peer Advisor this can be done through Starfish. The Belk College Peer Advisors will be listed under “Services”.

    Friday, April 14, 2017

    Network with the National Black MBA Association

    The National Black MBA Association will be on campus Thursday, April 20th to talk with interested students about membership benefits. Stop by their table on the 1st floor of Friday between 11:30 and 1:00pm for more information.


    Wednesday, April 12, 2017

    Financial Wellness Event

    Would You Like to Pursue a PhD in Business?

    Would you like to pursue a PhD in Business?
    Do you have strong curiosity, motivation to learn new knowledge, and the desire to mentor the future leaders in business? As a professor, you are able to work on research projects of your interests and play an important role in educating the next generation of young people. Pursuing a PhD degree requires hard work and dedication, but it is financially feasible as most business doctoral programs waive tuition and provide a stipend for doctoral students. Professors in the business-related disciplines earn very attractive salaries.

    What is The PhD Project?
    The PhD Project is a non-profit organization founded to increase diversity of business school faculty. Their goal is to encourage minorities to pursue an academic career in a business-related discipline. They provide information regarding business doctoral education, an extensive network of participants and alumni, and support and mentoring for minority students as they progress through the doctoral program.

    Interested in The PhD Project? There are two main ways to participate:
    1.       Annual Conference
    a.       This is the flagship event which is a two-day conference in which potential doctoral students are able to connect with current doctoral students, professors, and representatives from major business schools all over the country.
    b.       If you are selected to attend, all travel and conference expenses will covered by The PhD Project. The $200 registration fee is waived for a full-time student.
    c.       The conference is held annually in Chicago in November. The 2017 annual conference will be on November 15-17, 2017. Application deadline is September 30, 2017. Conference application link is
    d.       Eligibility requirements: (i) African-American, Hispanic-American or Native American; (ii) A U.S. citizen or permanent resident; and (iii) a student in senior year of college or with a bachelor degree.
    2.       Join the Minority Doctoral Students Association in one of the following disciplines: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Management, and Marketing. 

    Learn more at the upcoming PhD Project Information Session:

    Rising seniors and graduate students are invited to attend the event on Tuesday, April 18th from 12:30pm-1:30pm in the 2nd Floor BB&T Reading Room in the Friday Building. Dessert and refreshments will be served.